it's coming

it's coming

Coming May 2018

Do you drink a bit too much a bit too often? Is your schedule ruled by ‘catching up for drinks’? Do you find it tricky to say ‘No, thanks’?

It’s not like you have a problem, or anything?

Our society uses a dangerous currency: Alcohol. We drink at any occasion for any reason—be it sad, bad, or brilliant—and fail to understand why we are either intoxicated, hungover, or waiting for the next round.

The Social Rebellion explains how freedom from these so-called ‘social norms’ begins with a cheeky month alcohol-free.

Included, is the ultimate blue-print - 31 Days - equipping you with the tools necessary to break free from the attachment of alcohol with everything you do and to make an empowered choice about the role of alcohol in your life.

The Social Rebellion will help you redefine your relationship with alcohol so you can discover true freedom and peace.

Maz Compton, leader of The Social Rebellion.

Maz Compton, leader of The Social Rebellion.

By definition, a rebel is someone who revolts against the establishment. In our modern-day, social drinking has become the norm; the establishment. We rarely question why our social engagements are fuelled by alcohol or how our moments of true joy or despair are most often dealt with by drinking. As a society, we have lost the ability to find another way to celebrate or commiserate, be it alone, at home or out with friends.

The Social Rebellion exists to redefine this norm. Allowing each person, the ability to take some time away from alcohol to redefine its role in one’s life. Arming people with the necessary techniques and tools required for a guided lesson in self-assessment and habit formation, and enabling each person to make an empowered choice about the role of alcohol in their lives, rather than going along with the crowd.

For anyone who feels a bit trapped in their drinking habits, or that perhaps they drink a bit too much too often, The Social Rebellion is a movement that will empower you to become aware of your own choices, assess your relationship alcohol and make a positive change.