We’ve All Gone Bananas.

  I watched the War on Waste on ABC I-view, it was far from a waste of my time. I had no idea that we are such spoilt brats and that the number of bananas that banana farmers literally stick in the bin, is basically billions. I was just gobsmacked. Billions of bananas, just being thrown out.


Thank you Craig Reucassel, for lifting the lid on the industrial skip bin sized problem we have here in Australia. What a bunch of wasters we have become. The creation of a use only once, toss it away, get another one immediately, 21st century living has created a drain, and not one to wash your tiny sized food scraps down. A huge drain on our resources, it’s causing havoc on our home turf and I would like to address is by simply asking, have we gone bananas? As in mad? I hate to break it to you Gwen Stefani, but this sh*t about bananas isn’t exactly bananas, (and when you break it down, bananas can mean a few things). Let’s focus on the fruit.


Banana’s in pyjamas are not just coming down the stairs they are coming right out of our banana plantations crops and straight into landfill.


There is enough wasted produce to solve some of the food shortages suffered by our fellow humans. We are throwing away what could help nourish another person. And here’s the part that made my tiny human brain explode, just like in a cartoon, the banana farmers, they aren’t chucking out bananas that might harm you or cause you to get sick, or are poisonous, or might be considered a health hazard, oh no, they are ditching natures superfood because they don’t look good enough?


There are homeless people who need feeding, there are families living in shelters, there are refugees, there are people on our doorstep, who wouldn’t turn their nose up at a slightly smaller, or discoloured, or bruised, or curved, or crazy looking banana.


Western society puts a lot of pressure on girls to be thin and pretty and guys to bulk up and not care about their feelings, but have we gone so mad that we are now putting pressure on our fruit to look a certain way too? Have we reduced ourselves to fruit shaming? It seems to be the case when you see perfectly good fruit is being discarded without a second thought, all because a big banana was too big. It’s not the big bananas fault, why should it suffer and go to waste because it didn’t fit into the carefully detailed and very specific aesthetics manual created by a corporate fat cat, towering above the glass ceiling making demands on nature, that just can’t be sustained.


Has anyone else stopped for just one moment to consider how insane this is?


People are DYING from not having access to basic human needs, like banana’s and yet there are bunches of bananas being binned every minute.


And all this because apparently, consumers won’t buy a wonky banana. Are you joking?


If you showed me two bananas, one was bruised and one was perfect, I would choose the good looking one, yes. Guilty as charged. However, if you told me that a direct result of that choice would mean that another human being would perhaps DIE OF HUNGER, you can bet your lady finger that I would take the bruised one, in fact, I would buy a bunch of the best and get them sent wherever they needed to be sent to meet the need, like not dying of hunger, of my fellow human being.


Look at us go, driving around in our black SUVs, wardrobes full of active wear and endless things to complain about on Facebook, picking which perfect bananas are good enough for our green smoothies. Can we have a reality check here. There are people DIEING and yet somehow, it’s ok for us to be so fussy, so spoilt, so narrow minded, so thoughtless, so selfish and so far up ourselves to think that a piece of fruit does not live up the exceptionally high standards of perfection we are all holding ourselves accountable to.


It’s a goddamn banana, who cares what it looks like? Fresh produce is from nature, you can’t structure it to be perfect or identical, you can’t cosmetically engineer or alter it, it’s meant to come in all shapes and sizes, just like we were intended.


From today, I will be buying all the wonky, imperfect, reject banana’s that I can, to try and combat this Perfection Syndrome. That banana that got picked last in gym class, it can come home with me. The banana’s that everyone laughs at because they’re too small, I know how you feel, I was always the smallest at school, there is spot in my paleo banana muffins for you, kiddo, and the banana that has it’s end too close to its other end, you are welcome in my fruit bowl which doubles as a centre piece at the table.