Well, do you?

Do you find it a bit funny when a kid stacks it? Do you wonder what happened to Dieter Brummer?

Do you sometimes let a bit of wee out when you laugh really hard?

Do you post stuff on your Facebook that you hate others posting?

Do you eat bacon even though you claim to be vegetarian?

Do you work extra hard at the gym, so you can have dessert?

Do you feel anxious if there is no wifi?

Do you say you’re into fashion when really you hate high heels?

Do you feel awkward about people’s pregnancy bellies?

Do you think you think you sound just like Adele when you sing in your car?

Do you like walking around with an empty takeaway coffee cup in your hand, just because?

Do you wish there were way less fonts?

Do you hate it when your front doorbell rings?

Do you wink when you re-tweet someone?

Do you think we will ever get bored of taking our own pictures?

Do you fantasize about racing to the supermarket in the nude just to get some milk and eggs?

Do you secretly wish you were on Who Dares Wins in the 90s?

Do you always want to say to the delivery guy, ‘nice package’?

Do you go in fun runs just to add to your medal collection?

Do you always hope a private number, is actually Oprah calling?

Do think stack hats look crap on errbody?

Do you wonder why parents get their small child to take a photo of them, sleeping, which they then post online?!

Do you struggle to function with a broken nail?

Do you love winter mainly because of PJs at 6pm?

Do you say you like a band just because they played at Splendour?

Do you think you might punch a wall if you see another body transformation photo?

Do you want everyone to just shut up about becoming an entrepreneur?

Do you secretly want to be Sandra Bullocks best friend?

Do you think you still might have a shot at being an APP billionaire?

Do you think some pet Instagram accounts are way more interesting than some people’s?

Nah, me neither