Walk This Way

I have found my happy place, well one of them but it isn’t a place, it’s a walk. It’s not a place that I arrive at after walking, it’s the place that I go in my mind when I walk. I grew up walking with my family a lot. It’s not like we didn’t have a car to get around to gymnastics practise, judo tournaments and church. We just walked a lot as a family. We would escape to the Blue Mountains to stay a friend’s cottage and we would do all the bush walks.

For my brothers 18th, my Dad bought home a puppy, she was a Rottweiler and we would, as a family, walk the dog around the block. Around the block was about 4 kms, but it gave myself and Mum and Dad, some quality time together and some fresh air. My brother was too busy running around with the wrong crowd at the time, he was older than me. Somehow, whatever teenage drama was unfolding my tiny and insular world, seemed less important after a big long walk trying to keep up with the Rottweiler who was now 52 kgs, a similar weight to myself, and nearly 10 kgs heavier than Mum. (Mum is a tiny human).

When I was younger I was obsessed with the one hit wonder by The Proclaimers. My Dad and I used to sing it in our very best (and by very best I mean very worst) Irish accents, until we realised they were Scottish which would have been so totally offensive if they ever knew. Still to this day I know all the lyrics to the chorus, I have no idea what the other lyrics were, I could barely understand those guys. Walking 500 Miles and then 500 more is a little nuts, so what about just walking one mile, in someone else’s shoes?

Why not consider what it’s like to Walk a Mile in someone else’s shoes.? This is why I love the ECCO Shoes & Grazia initiative, Walk A Mile. They have teamed up to share the stories of some super awesome Aussie’s who are walking the extra mile to share their passion and care throughout the community. You can see their journey’s here:


Whenever I am on a holiday, I notice I want to walk. Whether I’m in the ski fields of Japan or on deserted beach in Bali, I just want to walk everywhere and take things in, and look around and take my time. I find at home I don’t have a lot of time. Between running two gyms, launching new media projects every few months, writing my first book and fitting in time to see my handful of epic friends, the daily walk hasn’t been on my agenda of late. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to get back into, but when? After the gym, before the Podcast record, after that meeting, before my husband gets home? At some point, you just make it your priority.

The daily walk became one of those things that I just kept meaning to do; like start a meditation, more yoga, that raw food class, write a book, oh wait, I actually did that, it’s called ‘UnEdited’, it’ll be out next month. Do you know what I mean? The daily habit is a tough one to transform. But I got a new pair of kicks, and I decided that this was the catalyst. I was going to make sure those ECCO Cool 2.0’s got some pavement pounding and I’ve finally started walking again. I have been walking pretty much every day for the past two weeks and you know what, I feel good about it.

When it’s getting too much, go for a walk. When you are struggling, think about what it’s like for others, focussing on helping someone else can almost certainly be the helping hand we might need to get past our own stuff and rise to the occasion.