The Chicktionary


Welcome to The Chicktionary, my gift to you. It’s your online guide to all things rad and will cover anything from health to happiness, heart-break to heels, stories about Channing Tatum to my obsession with Coconuts and I will get to what “The Secret” actually is!*

This is your go to guide for living and laughing out loud. I have worked in media for most of my adult life which has put me in some outrageous situations. I’ve worked with insane people, interviewed like a billion celebrities, jumped out of planes and travelled the world. Boy, do I have some stories! Living a full life in the glare of the public has taught me some real truths too.

I spend my days doing my best to be the best human I can be and I'd like to help you become your best ever you, living out an honest, insanely fun and super rad life. The Chicktionary is a download of substance and grit with my own sparkle and shine.

Send any questions you may have about this blog or a future post you'd like me to write via my website You can follow me on Instagram @mazcompton and like me on Facebook, just search Maz Compton. If you totes adore The Chicktionary, please share it with your tribe.

I hope The Chicktionary equips you with some wisdom, helps you in your pursuit, directs you towards a purpose and makes you use your noggin. Also the LOLs, I really do hope it brings you many, many LOLs.

In the words of one of the greatest teen movies of all time Bring It On. (I said ‘one’ of the greatest, we all know that Clueless is the greatest teen movie of all time). Let the blog begin.

*spoiler alert: there is no secret