The Best Things In Life Are (Chemical) Free

I’ve got another confession to make, oh and I just realised that I opened this BLOG with a quote from The Foo Fighters. Cool. OK sometimes I watch documentaries. Actually, I’m going stop right there, who am I kidding? I flippin’ love watching documentaries and I do it all the time. I am obsessed. Between that and the TED channel, my down time covered and that’s not even the confession I want to make. I believe in honesty, I didn’t want you to think that I spend my spare time skimming through endless and overly insecure Facebook posts, or watching the actual television, because I haven’t done that in probably in as long as I haven’t had a drink, (which is two and half years now that I think about it).

The confession, that’s right. I get really swept up by things. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m empathetic and at times hyper emotional, or perhaps it’s to do with my passion, my creativity or my ability to constantly dream things up, like my brain actually does not ever stop. Like ever. I jump on bandwagons, I try things out, I quite literally get amongst it, up in its grill and all around it.

I like to think it’s because I want to experience all that this crazy life has on offer sometimes I just see something and I really get on board. I get a bit obsessed. I mean I stared going to a new gym I’d heard about called F45 and now I own two. Case closed.

As much as I love a fad diet, of which you’ll be pleased to hear I have ceased to entertain since opening two gyms and educating myself on nutrition, instead I quit sugar and I eat like a cave man. And yes I bought a pair of drop crotch tracksuit pants with a tiger on the ass, because I saw someone who looked like I want to look in my active wear. And yes, ok yes, I most definitely got caught up in the feature nail trend. Guilty as charged. But this recent phase, the one I am currently navigating, was in spired by a documentary, not an Insta story,

The documentary I watched left me feeling dirty. Not like I’d done something inappropriate, I mean, dirty because do you know how many untested chemicals are in that bottle of spray surface, or nappy stain remover, carpet, spray, in fact any spray? Well, according to this documentary there are a few and we should really be wising up to this in 2017.

Not only has this doco won a Industrial Waste Vat full of awards, it’s narrated by Sean Penn, who dated Scarlett Johannsson briefly which still blows my mind. It’s blatant about communicating the truth to those who want to hear it, we are living in toxic times. This doco lifted the lid, unscrewed the top and untwisted the nozzle on the shocking reality that a heap of untested chemicals in our everyday products, in our homes and ultimately inside of us. Ew. Gross

Just like watching Cowspiracy made me vow to never eat an animal with a cute face and The Barkley Marathons made me realise that I’m not quite as insane as a person who would sign up for the most gruelling marathon event on the planet, just for kicks. This documentary made me very aware of the hazards we house in our homes. The doco I’m sure you’re busting to find out, is called The Human Experiment and it wrapped a yellow and black caution tape around what I let into my house. I’d never really thought to read the back of the bottles of stuff I was spritzing and zapping on all my decluttered and beach chic surfaces. It made me ask myself, how many chemicals and toxins are in the stuff we are washing our hands and hair in? What toxins are next to the toaster from that surface wipe us borderline OCD people are so grateful for? And exactly how many unpronounceable hazards are getting on and into our skin from me just simply not being aware? I started to panic. So I switched into, do something about it mode.

I retreated to my second favourite room in my apartment, the bathroom, there aren’t a lot of rooms where I live. I started frantically looking at the ingredients in my body scrubs, face creams, lotions and potions, hair products, perfumes, mud masks, nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss, mascaras, I read every label and all I could make out from my make-up was a list of scary and confusing chemicals. Trust me, there is nothing natural about:

Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, and Propylparaben Thimerosal. Synthetic Dyes. Coal Tar Dyes Aluminum Powder Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A Acetate) Formaldehyde Imidazolidinyl Urea.

I realised I was dousing my face, washing my hair and getting ma’ nails did in an excessive amount of totally toxic chemical crap. To avoid emptying my entire bathroom cupboard, and the extra cupboard below the vanity that my husband so generously gave me when I moved in to store all the other bathroom products I wasn’t currently using but needed to have, I headed for the kitchen. It was my kitchen nightmare.

With just a towel wrapped around my toxin laden torso, not even a hypoallergenic all natural bamboo towel, a crunchy faded Watermelon coloured Egyptian cotton towel, I started going through the kitchen cupboards like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. Remember that TV Show? It was hosted by Ian Turpie and his toupee, that was such a great show.

I realised quite quickly that my house was a hazard, most of the stuff under the sink was more like what you’d find on a tour of Mr Burn’s Nuclear Plant in Springfield. I felt like Walter White’s assistant when I started reading the labels of the cleaners, scrubs, disinfectants, washing up, dishwashing, surface spraying bottles I had in my possession. It was worthy of Hazmat Suits, rubber gloves and safety masks.

So I made a cup of green tea and started to do some research on how I could my chemical plant of a kitchen into a plant based paradise.

I read reviews, I found great little Apps and tips for finding chemical and paraben free beauty and house products, natural make up products, I learned that bamboo anything is awesome as is coconut everything, is everything. I filled my down time with some uptake of a whole new world of natural.

And you know how I love a good story? I love hearing about someone’s journey fuelled by passion and inspired by a great vision, well I read the story of Cara Little, she’s the founding pharmacist at Pure.Home.Body. She is super passionate about talking toxins and how our homes could be stopping us from achieving optimal health. So it was bang on what I was researching and what I was looking for to overhaul my home into a toxin free territory.


Her vision is to see a world where wellness is easy and the home is calm, rejuvenating and relaxing. Preach it sister! I’d never considered myself a homebody until I wanted my home and my body to be chem-free and fabulous. I tried out the range and I, hand on heart, love the difference it’s made.

I feel my path has lead me towards seeking harmony, and inner peace and creating that for others as well. I’ve managed to cut out the toxic habits by quitting drinking, I’ve escaped the claws of a toxic industry by farewelling radio and I avoid the endless negativity on social feeds. With intention, I am doing my best to have positive and engaging conversation, to talk about ideas that really will change the world and embrace the people who are on that path. Cara Little is one of those gems. Her story, like mine, will hopefully inspire and empower people to make informed choices and choose better because they deserve to.

You can read more about Pure.Home.Body here:

Cara has done an amazing job in setting the bench-mark high, her products not only work wonders but look beautiful too. All this research, all these new and exciting ways I can live with less toxicity in my world all from one lazy Saturday night watching a documentary.

What doco should I watch next?