Perfect Matcha

Remember in the 90s when all of a sudden every café you went to served wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce? And focaccia, what was going on there? Latte’s used to be super fancy and now you’ve got to get down with a double ristretto. Food trucks are in and well as dessert bars have opened up all over, and ice cream gelato is now a religion, according to Messina. So what happened to Sizzler and soft shell tacos?  


Things are constantly moving and very quickly, trends come and go, buzz words, hit shows, blockbusters. Before you get hooked on macaroons, cronuts erupted on the scene. Food continues to be the forefront of creativity and fingers crossed a source of nutrition. Which is why slapping it on your guts and rubbing it all over your face is totally acceptable and on point (in the privacy of your own shower).

It’s not so much get in my belly, but get on my belly when we star talking about the skin you are in and what a good old’ scrub will do. I mean, your skin is the body’s largest organ, (or so I was once told in a Bikram yoga class).


One thing that has never gone in and out of fashion and has remained a staple in neighbourly pop is the good old fashioned cup of tea. I love a cuppa builders brew, you know, English Breakfast or Yorkshire tea, with a splash of milk. I was recently introduced to Matcha Tea, as a drink, and then as a part of my beauty regime. I’ve heard of putting tea bags over your eye lids but this is a whole new level of skin food. If you haven’t heard about this green goodness we call Matcha, then read on a be impressed.

Simply put, Matcha is the centuries old, bad-ass version of green tea. It’s all of the pure green tea leaves stone ground into a fine powder and it’s got so much good stuff in it, it’s like the Oprah of green tea you, bold, brilliant, full of goodness and you want to get around it. Fun fact: Matcha contains up to 137x the antioxidant power of green tea and has the nutritional value of about 10 cups of regular green tea. So the obvious thing to do, is to rub these particles of perfection into the skin that you’re in.

Scrubs are a thing now, and what you used to have to book an appointment for at the local beautician (again, very 90s) you can now take into your own hands, quite literally, your hands, your booty, your legs, your every inch of your beautiful you.

Here’s the thing about the skin you are in. Your skin cells go through a cycle and this usually takes about 28 days, yes, exactly like a snake but in a less obvious way, our skin sheds, so every full moon not only are your hyper and a bit cray but you’re also wearing a layer of dead skin, like Freddy Kruger. That’s why we exfoliate people, and we need to do it more. Think about it, unless we are shedding our old skin, bacteria will get trapped under there (ew), the dead skin cells can flake off which could highlight wrinkles (gasps) and heat can’t escape, which makes your look flushed (look of horror). All not great skin-ario’s.

A simple lashing of Matcha scrub can prevent fine lines with it’s free radical fighting ninja’s, it eases irritations with it’s calming effects, it tones with it’s caffeine qualities which increases your metabolism and it chills you out with it mood boosting bits. What’s not to love about your new shower buddy.


The clever and cheeky ladies at bitchinskin have put a few precious scoops of this anti oxidant, radiant glow inducing stuff in a snail mail able package, better known as their Original Matcha Body Scrub, so it can get straight to you and straight onto your slippery body. bitchskin is not the BS you may have come to expect in the world of lotions, potions, fixes and mixes. It’s 100 per cent for real, its vegan and I can’t get enough of it.