Oh Mg!

I hated science at high school. I liked my Science teacher, Mr Mitchell, he was cool and he was also a part of the teacher’s committee who selected me to go on the Sister Cities Student Exchange program. I lived in Chicago and went to high school for a few months. I didn’t wear a school uniform, I took Psychology classes and yes, there was a Starbucks in the cafeteria. Oh America, the high school experience much like the movies. It was a totally rad and life changing experience. So, I owe Mr Mitchell for that. But I hated science. I regret hating science now because I am fascinated by science. I love that science more and more seems to explain my faith and after watching Breaking Bad, I mean why didn’t I get right into chemistry? Regardless the last time I heard about magnesium was probably in Year 10, in a science class, until very recently. Magnesium, or Mg from memory. That’s sounds right, I remember that the letters were the same as a fancy car one of the rich kids Dad’s dropped her off in, or maybe the symbol was Mag because they were the tyres I wanted on the WRX I also wanted? And just for the record, I knew BMW wasn’t on the Periodic Table. Of which, for a few months, I thought was called the Period Table which was really confusing when I was 15. But I figured it out, eventually. There are so many damn tables when you’re at high school; timetables, periodic table, table tennis table, stable table.


Back to the Periodic Table, I knew the basics, H = Hydrogen, O= Oxygen, we know that from H2O and Pb is Lead, I remember that specifically because I was like, Pb = Peanut Butter = Lead and I’ve never forgotten it.

Mg. Magnesium. I see it everywhere! At first, I was recommended to take a magnesium supplement by a PT (not Pb) but this was after a session where I lifted my Pb, that’s personal best, not peanut butter. She said I should take it straight after a weight’s work out as it would ease muscular pain and after slogging it out hard for weeks on end and being so insanely sore and tight the following day, I tried it out. And guess what? It worked.

So now, it’s a regular part of my routine. Just like curling up on the coach with a hot water bottle on a lazy Friday night and drinking Turmeric Lattes, I smash a magnesium tablet or two after a heavy workout to ease the muscular pain, post weights. But now, magnesium is more than that, I see it on BLOGs, in natural remedy recipes, and making a bold appearance in the Wake Up World movement. You know, where we steer away from anything out of a bottle or a packrat and find our nutrients out of the ground, like cave women.

Just exactly what is going on with Magnesium? And why is it in everything right now?

Magnesium plays an important role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body. Enzymatic for a moment I thought was an Aussie pop star, but that was Timomatic and he changed his name to Tim Omaji, which is his real name, which is funny that you would change your name to your real name.

These reactions help you with your metabolism of food, synthesis of fatty acids and proteins, and the transmission of nerve impulses. For some reason whenever I hear the word enzymes I automatically think of washing detergent Ads and that shouty guy on TVSN yelling Easy off BAM! And for a while I was convinced that the best way to transmit nerve impulses was to watch Magic Mike a few times, but again, I’m not an expert, which is why I did some research.


So Magnesium It plays a role in brain function, can boost exercise performance and has anti-inflammatory effects. From the sounds of all this, perhaps it’s chemical symbol should be Oh Mg because this stuff seems to be flippin’ amazing.

Did you know? Magnesium could help you kick that coffee habit. If you think you need to calm down on the cappuccinos, the first resort is to replace it with perhaps a Dandelion Chai or a green tea, but if you get to 3pm and need a pick me up, a cheeky spray of Magnesium Oil can get you through the afternoon.

Did you stop and think for a split second that maybe that late night chocolate craving, might not be a chocolate craving after all? It could be because your deficient in the ol’ mags but you just want to eat chocolate because you deserve it/want to/love it/it’s the best, and I totally get that.

You’d think that with all the raw cashews, leafy green salads and paleo cacao granola we are posting on our Insta, we would be getting enough Magnesium, but sorry, you’re incorrect there. In fact, a lot of us aren’t getting our proper Mg fix and that sucks because it means all the enzyme reactions aren’t reacting which means your body is basically hating you.


And I know you don’t want to ingest anymore than your daily mulit, so how do you get your enzyme reaction game back on point? You run that stuff into your loins. Well, it doesn’t have to be your loins.

The skin is our biggest organ, (I hear any men ready this cough a few times) but it actually is, so we should probably be more mindful about what we are lathering on ourselves. If it’s chemicals that you can’t pronounce, well, guess what Shirley, that is going to absorb through the skin you are in and land in your guts. And I have a gut feeling, that isn’t going to end well. So, get your magnesium anyway you can.