Sometimes you stumble upon something and you think, wow, how did they know? How did they magically figure out what was missing in my life? I present to you Cor de Coco, coconut-iced coffee in a glass bottle that has everything to love about life in it… But let’s back track for a moment before I spill on the new drink that you’ll be obsessing over in t-minus two coconuts and counting.

I first felt this way when I discovered that teacup pigs were a thing. A tiny cute pet pig, that stays tiny and cute. I love fun sized everything, Milky Ways, toiletries, which are technically travel size, Piccolo’s. I love animals and I think pigs are adorbs and since this discovery I have become a Teacup Pig Enthusiast, it’s even on my email signature.

Another thing I love is Bali. It was only my first trip to Bali which was fuelled by Vodka and brought to you by Bintangs on the beach, I’m pleased to say the rest of my time spent there has been an evolution of yoga retreats, solo sabbaticals and romantic getaways.

This means I have been drinking coconuts for breakfast for years. I had my first in Bali on a beach and I’ve never looked back. It’s a holiday mostly activity and sometimes on a weekend at home. Only on the weekends though, imagine trying to handle a coconut while negotiating traffic in the big city. Applying mascara at the lights is one thing, a coconut with a bendy straw is completely different.

Coconuts for breakfast are my jam. My jam on toast!

Let’s move onto a good ol’ cup of Joe. I love coffee, I try to switch it out for green tea when I’m doing a fitness challenge, or at least reduce it to just one little piccolo cup of love. I have been through every season a coffee drinker can explore. I started off with weak lattes, then soy flat whites, to get off the dairy, then to long black’s to cut out soy, and I would have a dash of milk. I nearly jumped out of my own skin the first day of my new coffee order, as I said out loud ‘a long black with some cold milk on the side’ I gasped at myself! That’s how my Mum ordered coffee! Was it time already for me to be turning into my Mum?

Coffee is also my jam. Or maybe coffee is my peanut butter, because if coconuts are my jam, coffee is my peanut butter, imagine my reaction when on a fitness retreat in Thailand, I discovered this …

It’s a whole coconut, straight outta a coconut tree, with a shot of coffee in it. I fell on my knees and praised the heavens, for an angel was crying on my tongue. And don’t sit there and pretend you don’t get that excited when you discover something so incredibly tasty and so incredibly new. This was on a fitness holiday where I trained everyday at Unit 27 and ate brunch at The Shack, Phuket, Thailand.


It gets better. This evolution of joy just hit the next level.

I’m not a practicing vegan but I have seen enough documentaries now to try my best to steer clear of meat and dairy where I can, when there is a vegan option, I like to take it. (I also love making Paleo Chicken Schnitzel once a week). Life is all about balance, right?!

Now there is my kryptonite in a bottle, Cor De Coco. It’s next level awesome. Coconuts. Coffee. Completely vegan! Ready to go straight from the fridge to my face. Yep, some genius has invented the ultimate coffee fix for summer and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

It is literally the healthiest thing you can get in a bottle, all the juicy love from a coconut, all the buzz from your caffeine hit and none of the yucky animal gunk we are all trying to avoid. It’s now my grab and go, straight after a workout or a morning swim, when I’m racing around from one appointment to the next or I’m trapped at my computer on a deadline for any number of articles that I’m writing, it really is the stuff dreams are made of, why didn’t I come up this idea? I really should have. Just like I invented the feature nail.

This stuff is liquid gold, there are three flavours to wrap your lips around Coconut Macchiato, Coconut Vanilla Latte but my fav is the Coconut Double Shot Espresso, it’s like a kick in pants and a hug in your guts all at the same time.


So when you feel like you need a little naughty but you don’t want the guilt, get one of these bad boys into you.