Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil I am really on a mission at the moment to try and reduce the amount of toxins I am slapping on my face and ingesting in through my cake hole. It all came about after I watched a documentary, The Human Experiment, recently. It’s about all the toxic crap that is in like 99 percent of stuff that we inhale, ingest and rub our faces in. To be fair I have been on a documentary bender of late and found particular interest in Ancient Civilisation's possible Interplanetary space travel but that’s is fodder for another day back in the future. See what I did there?

Right now it’s back to The Human Experiment, I just didn’t think about it but if you read the back of anything in a bottle in your bathroom cabinet, it has a list of chemicals in very small writing which means two things; (a) you might need glasses if it gives you a headache to read this list; chances are they are not kidding about what’s in the bottle so (b) you’ve actually been lathering your loins in total toxicity. Since watching this documentary, I took a pledge, as I do after most documentaries geared toward social change, I have pledged to start making my own surface spray out of white vinegar (and whatever else you’re supposed to mix with it). Obviously I don’t have the time right now to sit on my pantry floor and like a witch concoct potions from stinging nettle, random liquids and the heart of an ox. (Also, I don’t have a pantry). I am, however, doing my dandiest to consciously downgrade the toxin grade in my world, one element at a time.

I’ve swapped packaged foods for the farmers markets; biscuits for bee pollen, toast for turmeric, antihistamines for essential oils and grains are gone. I wash my hair weekly (on a good week) or daily when I’ve done Bikram yoga or not at all if I jump in the ocean. My morning mantra involves some exercise, a shower, a face cleanse, slap of chemical infested creams, then a turn of tinted moisturiser, lick of mascara. Then I usually race out the door, realise I have forgotten my phone, so I race back in the door, find my phone, sigh and race out the door again ready for the day ahead.

I started to have a look through my bathroom cupboard and boy do I have a lot of loose bobby pins laying about the place. I am pleased to say that some of the lotions and potions in my possession are pretty natural, my cleanser is a raw food scrub and face polish too which means all the ingredients listed on the back of the squeeze for ease tube sound delicious and contain muchos matcha green tea.

You know the story you cleanse and then replenish the moisture in your skin with a cream usually but I’ve stumbled on something that seems seamless at letting your inner glow glow and the skin you’re in shine (not shine so much that you want to motorboat a tub of talcum power, I mean a seriously healthy shine).

Here is my theory on why Jojoba Oil is working for me right now. Our bodies are 70 per cent water, or maybe it’s 80 per cent or maybe it’s the exact same amount as the Earth is water. Either way, there is a lot of water in us, or we are a lot of watre which is why we need to drink a lot of water all the time to keep you’re cells healthy and hydrated. That’s inside cells and outside cells.

Think about what happens when you mix oil and water, it doesn’t mix right? The oil sits on the top of water, right? So using facial oil, means that the oil isn’t going to dilute into your super highway of nervous system, it’s going to trap the water into your skin which is way better for hydration, while keeping other toxins outta ya skin which is just good in general. Facial oil can act as a brilliant primer before you lay down your foundation and somehow it manages to magically make you look radiant. It’s a practice some Ancient Civilisations nailed back in the day, that and Interplanetary Space Travel (apparently).

It’s not scientifically proven by me, it’s just my theory on what I reckon happens. It explains why my skin is elastic, fantastic and people keep thinking I’m a mere millennial not in the gap of Generation X and Y.

I am continuing my pursuit of getting the best stuff into your body with the least toxic load. It’s a fresh chapter for me to be so conscious of what I am putting into my body and on my skin. Straight from Cleopatra’s cosmetics case, facial oil is making is big comeback.