Let's do brunch?

Brunch is rad. In fact this year, I had brunch with my family to celebrate my birthday. Not a party. Not drinks at a bar. Brunch. Lovely, mid morning, waterfront Brunch. It was fabulous. I am going to settle the score on when one should brunch. Just so we are all on the same page, brunch is either a late breakfast on an early lunch, it not an additional meal after a big breakfast or before a lazy lunch. It is its own meal. But when does one brunch? Before we continue, I might add that I love brunch and it’s my favourite meal of the day. Even though most days I do devour a healthy breakfast, on the days that I plan brunch, I am generally happier in myself. The thing with brunch is that people interpret it in so many different ways and the simple idea of an awesome brunch can end up being quite confusing.

Here is my attempt to enforce a standard brunch time (SBT). Just like Christians have a Standard Christian Time for everything. For those of you who didn't grow up in the Pentecostal Church movement like myself, let me enlighten you. Any event relating to church life hosted outside of Sunday commitments starts at 730pm. Its known as Standard Christian Time. Friday Night Youth, mid week Connect Group, Prayer meetings, Conferences, even dinner with fellow Christians, always a 7:30pm start. I guarantee it. And it works, it's a good time to start a thing on a school night. So I want to adopt the same principal for Brunch.

Sometimes my commitment to brunch has slightly overpowered my ability to warm a pew on a Sunday morning, I feel brunch needs to be a set time. Like the Maccas breakfast menu, like the sunrise, like the premiere of the next season of The Block, it'll be at 7 O'Block. It has to be.

This chapter was inspired by a friend who asked me out to brunch. The text said.

"Hey babe, brunch? Saturday 10am?" I didn’t reply immediately.

Let me step you through my madness on this issue. According to McDonald’s, breakfast finishes at 10am (and even 1030am in some States). So that has the breakfast hours covered off because Maccas is pretty much an authority when it comes to breakfast. Using this as a guide, Brunch can't possibly start at the same time that breakfast is finishing up.

In general, one would assume most people, on weekends, will tend to have a later lunch. Rather than the usual mid week sandwich stuff between taking calls and bashing out emails at their desk.  So let’s say, lunch kicks off at 1pm on a weekend for most people.

If by definition Brunch is either a late breakfast or an early lunch, we can’t start a brunch at midday, that’s ridiculous. I know that there are some clever clogs on the planet who have used complex mathematics formulas to move mankind forward in areas of science, technology and design, I feel that Brunch is up there on the list of important agenda items for us a society to agree on. Brunch must take place after Maccas ends its breakfast menu and well before the weekend lunch rush.

Therefore I propose the standard brunch time (SBT) is 11am. There I said it. Next time someone asks you out for brunch, make sure it happens at 11am.

By the way, I eventually replied to my friends text message,

"Sounds great babe, 11am is better for me (winky face emoji)"

And BOOM I started a revolution.