Crisis Averted, We Got Engaged!

I got engaged on the weekend. No we haven’t set a wedding date.I didn’t know it was happening until I had a hunch at about 9:32am. I was more overcome with joy than shock, it’s a moment we have talked about, it’s a promise he had already made, so I wasn’t surprised, I have known for a long time that I want to do life with this incredible creature, we have discussed it at length we just make each other make sense. So I’m thrilled that my person found me and is keeping me. I don’t feel any different, my love for him has been deep and raw from the day we met but I have a stronger foundation on which to explore this life, knowing we have a beautiful future to build together. I feel safe and our relationship feels untouchable.

He asked me a while ago if he were to buy me a ring what would I like, I asked if the ring came with a question and if it did then I wanted a rose gold ring that he would want me to wear everyday. That was the brief. That conversation was at the beginning of the year.


So how did he do it? It’s the way we do life really, a comedy of errors that somehow make for a perfect moment.

Here is timeline of my morning versus my finance’s morning.

Maz’s morning 5am: my alarm goes off, get ready and head into the radio station, it’s rainy, no big deal 7am: I’m on air for The Dan and Maz Show, usual hilarity and LOLs 9am: off air, grab a coffee 910am: Listen to Sam Smith as I head to Balmoral Boat House to have brunch with some friends, one of whom is a bestie staying with us from Brisbane for the weekend 930am: arrive at The Boat House, can’t find my friends, sigh a little bit, double check the address in my calendar, roll my eyes. 932am: Call my now fiancé to ask where he is 9:45am: He rocks up and says, ‘Hello darling, come this way please.’

His morning 5am: Maz’s alarm goes off, Maz goes to work, proposal plan A commences, it’s rainy and that may ruin everything. 7am: Call picnic and Stand Up Paddleboard Company to confirm that everything will be laid out on Store Beach, Manly by 11am ,when our friends boat will arrive and drop off the happy couple for the proposal. No answer 8am. Call again. No answer. Have breakfast with bestie from Brisbane and head to Manly to meet the friends who have the boat that will take Maz to the private beach where the picnic and stand up paddle boards will be set up ready for the proposal. 9am: arrive at the Boat House. Picnic Company calls back and cancels the picnic and Stand Up Paddle boards due to the bad weather forecast. PANIC 9:10am: rustle up a fruit platter and Plan B picnic from a mate who coincidentally is managing the Boat House now, quite serendipitous. Picnic crisis averted. 9:20am: Get a tender over to the boat with the friends to start the boat to drive back to collect an unsuspecting Maz from the wharf. Boat does not start. 9:32am: Boat has still not started phone rings.

‘Hey babe’ ‘Hey darling, am I in the right spot, where is everyone?’ ‘You just wait there, I’ll come and find you, don’t stress.’ ‘I’m not stressed.’

9:33: Gets back on the tender boat to collect Maz, leave the friends on the non working boat. PANIC A BIT MORE. Engage Plan C. He asks the driver ‘You’ve tendered me here, can you tender me to Store Beach so I can propose to my girlfriend.’ And the drivers response was the best, ‘sure, why not!’ 9:43am: He arrives back on shore 9:45am: He finds me and says, ‘Hello darling, come this way please.’

We walked through the Boat House and straight onto a boat where I meet Henry, the driver, who had saved the day and I at this point have no idea. There was no sign of our friends yet but by this stage I knew that it was going to be today that my perfect person was going to ask me a very specific question.

As Henry drove us over to the other side of the harbour, my soon to be fiancé pointed out our friends on another boat waving madly, ‘What are they doing over there’ I asked as I stood up and waved with what would have been such a confused look on my face, hair blowing everywhere, like Beyonce on stage, ‘Oh they’re just stranded, but don’t worry about them.’ He replied.

And I didn’t worry about them. And I didn’t ask any questions, I just sat back and enjoyed it, I wanted this day to play out how it was going to because at the core of it all, I just need him and it was just me and him (and Henry but he dropped us off eventually).

We made it across to a private beach where disembarked, thongs off, feet into the water. As we stepped onto the sand, I noticed that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I knew now that today’s forecast was actually Engaged with a Chance of Nuptials.

An elaborate fruit plate, a round towel, some sweet treats and my hearts puzzle piece. This is the stuff movies are made of. I asked if we were brunching and he said, ‘Actually why don’t you come and stand here’

And face-to-face, with the sun shining over our sweet little souls, he held my hands and looked into my eyes. This man that I didn’t believe could possibly exist for so long, a man I have cried for, prayed for, hoped for, dreamed about and cherished since the moment we met. He shared with me some beautiful truths about him and I and finally he said,

‘I’ve already asked God for you so now it’s time I asked you for you. Will you marry me?’

Sometimes I think he is too magical to be mine but then I have to remember he is my mirror.

I said yes a thousand times and yes to each day forever with him. It’s the easiest decision I’ve ever made.


Once we had stopped staring at each other with smiles so big our faces were almost swallowed up by them, we sat down for some brunch. I said ‘Babe this is the most magical moment, can we just keep it to ourselves, I just want to have a little secret with you before we tell the world about our future.’ He was quick to respond with, ‘Well darling, you’re the last person to find out that I was asking you to marry me today.’

Of course I knew our friends who were stranded on the boat would know, and after he filled me in on the picnic debacle, our savior fruit platter, the boat blow out and Henry the god-send, he then told me that two my favourite people were driving up from Melbourne to surprise me and that we were meeting our closest friends at The Newport for a low key and spontaneous engagement celebration.

We had a swim and enjoyed our island paradise for an hour before we were whisked back to shore by Henry. Our friends aboard the return trip, they’d been rescued by Henry whilst we got engaged.

And then of course, we posted it to Instagram.