Awwww soooo CA-UTE

Have you ever had a work colleague bring in their tiny pet to work? I have, his name is King (the tiny pet, not my colleague). He’s the most gorgeous Chow Chow, blonde and so fluffy, he is like a living teddy bear. I got zero work done that day. My work mates know me well and surprised me with two Labrador puppy dogs one morning . I was allowed to look after them for the whole morning and it was the happiest morning of my life, and I've met Channing Tatum, this trumps Channing. These two puppy dogs were training to be guide dogs. The producers of the show I was hosting had organized with the Guide Dog Association to let me loose on some super cute canines for the morning as a way of promoting the fantastic work that The Guide Dog Association does and also, just because puppy’s are cute and I am obsessed with them.

They were the floppiest, furriest, friendliest, cutest most adorable creatures I have ever squeezed in my hands. See…


Look at how happy I am! (There was also a topless waiter in the room holding a sugar free super food super yummy cake but I honestly did not even notice, it was all about those puppies, no not those puppies, those puppies).

I didn’t want to put them down… oh that sounds terrible. I mean, I didn’t want to stop holding them in my arms! The word got around the office faster than a rumour from the Christmas Party and it seemed everybody in the office turned into a lovely human. Everyone wanted cuddles, a little extra hold of the little bundles of fluff and selfies with these two precious little creatures. There is a lot to be said for cute baby animals. It’s much harder to be a jerk when there is a cute baby animal staring you in the face, being cute, all up in your grill. It’s impossible not to crack a smile when you see a puppy dog fall over its own feet trying to race to the door.

Since that day, when I am feeling down, I fire up the cute baby animals in my life. I have galleries on my computer of cute baby animals that I look at and I am instantly washed over with calm and I instantly feel better, I feel like being nicer, the world seems to have a glow about it again. I follow several accounts on Instagram that give me a Insta fix of super cute when I need it. I can highly recommend getting your daily dose of the super cute by following:

Biddy The Hedghog


Pirate Pug Jack


Grumpy Cat




Piggy and Polly




Not convinced… ok well what if I told you Japan even agrees with me. A recent paper published in PLOS ONE by researchers at the University of Hiroshima in Japan found that people who looked at cute pictures of animals were able to focus on fine motor skill tasks like playing the board game Operation better than people who hadn’t. The scientists who performed the study suggested that looking at something cute would cause people to behave more carefully – a natural response intended to make sure people handled babies safely. This is the best news ever, well done Japan. So, go ahead my friend, fire up your Instagram account and scroll down on some images of tiny animals, it’s good for you health, Japan said so.