Are You Getting Fresh with Me?

‘I’ve got so much free time I don’t know what to do with myself?’ Said nobody in the 21st century, ever. And if you are in a situation that you could possibly say that you have time on your hands, it’s probably because it’s thyme from the herb garden you fashioned into existence as a do-good gesture for your neighbours/weekend project for the kids, and you popped down with your professional grade gardener’s clippers and hacked off a bit of that sticky outy plant to put with some rosemary and jam into that lamb shoulder you’re cooking for three hours for dinner tonight. No? Oh really?! Me either. We are all pretty busy. Too busy to spend half a day in the kitchen like it’s the 70s and we actually iron our clothes! There is a lot going on. It’s hard enough to find time to catch up with my Mum these days which is more about the fact that her schedule is jam packed with French classes, 22 km walks in preparation for her Walking tour of Spain in September, bible study group, dropping meals over for those who might drop dead at a moment’s notice, weekend’s away somewhere with a tulip festival or rhododendron something or other and going to the movies, which she does a lot, with her friend Sue. It’s tricky to slot in a quick catch up, coffee and brisk walk around the lake together. And she’s retired.

When I sit, and ponder for a brief moment, one of the only brief moments I have across my jam-packed day, between writing, hosting, running (businesses and along the beach), the housework, my homework, brainstorming, scheduling in a catch up with Mum, workouts, pre planning my outfit choices for the next day and then feeling guilty about the things I said I would try to do but didn’t even get started on today like that sunrise Yoga Asana in my living room, a ten minute meditation or that Skype call to my bestie overseas.

And while I am taking this moment to ponder, I’m forever trying to work on my efficiency which I am sure is an oxymoron, how much time I spend refining to do lists, calendar invites and my complete indecision to run a digital schedule or stick to the good old, old school diary and a pen scenario, is beyond me. If I spent less time trying to make my lists witty and entertaining for me to read and more time, I don’t know, just getting things like the article written, perhaps I’d have an extra five minutes. And if I did wind up with five extra minutes in the day guess what I’m not doing. Using my brain to try and invent a clean and lean, on trend, filling, fuelling and taste-bud tingling meal for dinner. Because an extra 5 mins in my day is only enough time make a cup of Yorkshire Tea, spills some more Chia seeds in my cupboard and try to figure out the difference between a sultana and a raisin.


I know a girls gotta eat but she hardly has time to juggle the washing and her social media commitments let alone figure out what to make for dinner in a single day. And before I hear a feminist uprising, this is not about me being a chick and thinking my place is in the kitchen, this is about my firm belief that having a set of mad culinary skills is essential. I’m no Masterchef and My kitchen doesn’t rule but everybody should be confident and semi equipped to handle a kitch sitch. I find cooking (well baking, I do prefer baking things) enjoyable and satisfying, so guess what, I am getting my kitchen game on point. With a little help.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I love Oprah. Stay with me. If you listened to the Making Oprah podcast hosted by Jen White, and let’s be honest, who didn’t? I mean it’s Oprah right and any excuse to relive how incredibly 80s her original theme music was, you’ll take. You may or may not, depending on how severely affected by advertising you are, remember hearing that the podcast was brought to you by Hello Fresh. The host read the ad. I already knew what it was. I think. And yes, I skipped through the rest of the ads when I realised I was listening to one, that’s why we love podcasts. Since the final Episode of Making Oprah, not only have I been slightly bummed because another Oprah thing had come to an end, Hello Fresh began stalking me. I kept seeing plastic gift cards printed with Hello Fresh offering me a $35 discount, I saw them at the shops, at the exit to a run fun bib collection point, on the front of my magazine subscription, they were everywhere. And after a while, I caved. I had a look online, I saw there was an App, I downloaded the App and I now I am having Wasabi Lime Salmon with Soy Steamed rice for dinner.


 If you can read, Betty Crocker, you’ve got this covered. Hello Fresh gets delivered to your front door, they deliver all the ingredients to make all the meals for the week, you just decide on The Dukkha Crusted chicken with sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas or the Smokey Seitan Rice Bowl with veggies and guacamole. And the recipe cards are super easy to follow. In 30 mins you have dinner sorted, you feel like a rock star, and Holy Moly Martha Stewart you’re no longer hangry.

If I am going to leave the house, it’s to go for a walk along that beach across the road and let my hair get windswept (code for uncontrollably knotty) and try not to think about how I shouldn’t be thinking about stressful things on a relaxing walk on the beach. I am not going to the shops with a list on my I-phone notes of things to get, to take home in my reusable bags, to unpack, and then make into an incredible dinner. Oh hell no. Hello Fresh do all that hard work for you, while you are out and about doing all of the things you need to do, Hello Fresh are dropping off your weekly fix at your front door. It’s farm fresh produce, organic meats and real food. And did I mention delicious and easy? Oh good. It’s so easy,


Here’s my advice.

You can’t control everything in your world, and your world like mine is hectic, you’re probably speed reading through this article because you are so pressed for time. Take the breaks when you can get them. Investing in a weekly meal delivery option means no more supermarket stress and more romantic walks along the beach with yourself, and for me, that’s all I really want in life. That and a puppy dog. But one thing at a time.

Me saying hello, hello fresh