Pick me! (up)


Fun fact about Maz Compton is that she was born in the UK. Ok, it’s me writing this, so I’ll stop talking about myself in the third person like a character from a sitcom. Yeah, I was born in the UK and I am pretty sure (not 100 percent but close) that one of the earliest presents my brother and I received was a soccer ball. You see, Soccer or let’s be real here, football is a huge thing in Europe, yes it has its fair share of fanatical fans down under, but where I was born, it was the only football I’d even heard of until we moved to Australia.


So, my Dad buying Arsenal merch, Manchester United mugs and taking us down to the local football field to play ‘header’ (said in a British accent) was just normal house practise. I know all too well that when one loves one’s sports, one will get up at some ludicrous hour to watch it too. My childhood is littered with memories of being woken up by an eruption of noise from the living room and on inspection to find my Dad dancing around the living room, fist pumping before fist pumping was even a legit thing. He loved his sport. Don’t get me started on cricket season in our house. Dad’s British, Mum’s from Trinidad and Tobago and we lived in Australia. So confusing!


Maybe I learnt about getting up for something that you love in the middle of the night from my Dad. Thanks Dad! I mean I used to get up at 3:30am to go to work. Lucky, I loved my job (and my co-workers), even the most pleasant person can be somewhat unbearable and some mornings unrecognisable at that hour. And yes, I needed a double shot of Nescafe Blend 43, liquefied with a dash of milk first, then expanded with a giant dose of boiling water just to function. I know for sure, when you are getting up in the middle of the night, just for fun or for kicks (sorry football joke), to watch your fave football star with his super speedy reflexes, skinny legs and his shirt over his head, you are going to need a pick me up. For sure.


My recommendation for anyone getting up in the middle of the night to do anything (other than, well you know, I’ll just leave that there) you are best to have a stash of the good granules in your fridge, yes, I keep them in the fridge, is that house practise? Not sure, anyway, keep a stash of your best blend so you can get through the half time entertainment and into the final nail biting moments. And some advice to parents, it’s great that you are up at 4am watching your team and cheering them on, but keep it down to a dull roar because you don’t want to interrupt a unicorn dream, trust me.