Who needs The Block when you have Matt Blatt?

You know how I applied to be on The Block? Oh, yeah, well I did. With my builder husband. And guess what? No call back! They didn’t even do the whole ‘I’ll get my people to call your people.’ You just apply online and hope you get accepted, and then when you see the ads for the new series and realise you’re not on it, that’s when you know you didn’t get accepted. Just like that time I didn’t get selected to be on ESPN. Anyway.


I said, screw it. I will create my own Block style experience! Less camera’s, probably more tantrums and all by dipping into my own pockets. My husband and I bought an investment property in QLD (because who can afford to buy anything in Sydney? Even green smoothies are out of control expensive) and we spent 5 weeks renovating it. And yes, it was equally as challenging, as it was fun, difficult as it was stinking hot, thanks Brisbane.


The full experience wasn’t complete for me, as I never got to stage the place. I didn’t get to buy throw rugs and feel like I was on supermarket sweep but in a homewares shop. So, on my return to Sydney, I asked Matt Blatt (exactly, who is Matt Blatt?) if I could have my interior design fix to complete the off-air version of my very own Blocktastic home renovation experience. And they said yes, which is more than what Channel Nine said. Or maybe Matt Blatt followed my Instagram and asked me, either way, it happened, video evidence here


I went to the Matt Blatt store in Balmain and dressed one of their shops windows, just for fun. Because I like doing random stuff and I think I have a keen eye for, well quirkiness more than trends and fun rather than functionality. Which is evident as it was SO MUCH FUN!


I now believe Shaynna Blaze officially has the best job ever, if she gets to fluff around and play with furniture with no real boundaries. The best thing was that I kept finding things to chuck together. When you start with a simple and elegant brown leather couch it’s amazing how quickly it can grow into a fully-fledged fake lounge room. Double cow hides! That’s right, I layered a black and white one over a brown and white one which ran under the leather couch and tied in the flooring nicely.


Yes, I felt like Joanna Gaines, yes, I loved it. No there weren’t any rules because honestly, I’m just guessing. But I feel like I guess and get it right sometimes. I know people who guess and get is very very wrong when it comes to style. In closing, here are my top tips for creating a living room you want to live in;


Start with a feature piece

Get rid of the clutter (Less is more)

Choose a basic base colour (black, brown, white) and add one feature colour

Fold in an animal element



But what would I know?