5 Ways to Avoid the Winter Blues

And bulge.


And the winter bulge. 

Did you catch that final weekend of sunshine and ocean swims? Me too. Are you already feeling a bit down because you just know that your endless summer has in fact ended? Me three! Well here are 5 ways to avoid the winter blues (includes winter bulge).

1.     Don’t eat pizza all the time

Why do we think because it’s winter that meat lovers pizza has less calories and take away food is all of a sudden rich in nutrients? Wrong! In fact, the colder weather requires us to jam more nourishing and wholesome foods into our bodies than ever. It may be tempting to stuff your face with burger and fries because it’s colder outside and well let’s face it, it’s just not summer anymore, but you need a new approach. Preparing home-cooked, warming foods to fill you up will help curb the carb overload. One pot dinners, house-made stew, and your granny’s soups are the way to survive the colder month cravings. Dust off that slow cooker and get off your meal delivery APP of choice. 

2.     Stick to your routine

If you are an F45er, then stick at it kiddo! Just because the sun has decided to spend some time being less hot, it doesn’t mean you have to. Stick with your program. Keep working out with your tribe and don’t think for a moment that you’ll feel better in your warm cosy, toasty bed. Well you will, temporarily, until your heart rate starts increasing at the thought of getting out of bed! So, keep getting up at the same time, stick with your routine and wear your tracksuit pants over your tights to fight the cold on your way to your workout.

3.     Cut down on the coffee

Again, it’s colder so of course you want to drink more coffee to warm and wake you up but this is counterproductive. Coffee, well let’s be honest, I love it but too much of it will send your adrenals into overdrive and give you a 3-a-day habit before you can fill up your hot water bottle. Increase your green tea consumption if you are opting for a hot drink, or if you want the milky vibe of a latte, substitute a turmeric or matcha latte on a non-dairy base (yes almond milk) just to keep your dairy quota down to a dull roar. Why, that’s a post for another day. Trust me.

4.     Get a good dose of the D

Vitamin D, ladies. Get your silky skin into the sun once a day, even if it’s cold enough that your nipples will cut glass, getting Vitamin D is super important for your happy vibes. If you magically turn into a super grumpy person in winter, this is your best solution. If not for you, do it for your family who must live with you when you are being a grump. It’s simple, take your grumpy-ass self outside, and sit in the sun for 10 minutes. Vitamin D is a mood booster and will have your frown up-side-down in no time.

5.     Hot Chocolate is not a drink

It’s tempting to gather around a fire, roast marshmallows and smash hot chocolates every night in winter, but I just want to point out, a hot chocolate is not a drink. It’s a dessert. So, treat it like a treat and treat yourself to one, sparingly.