Science Says So...

Direct from Colorado is a pioneering theory which equates hand holding as an opiate, one that also very loosely legitimises the Backstreet Boys. Science. I want it that way.

Let’s talk about the Backstreet Boys (the best boyband of all time), and their teachings applied to practical science. No offence millennials, but your One Direction argument is invalid.

The perfectly coiffed Nick, Howie, Kevin, AJ and Brian had a way with the ladies with their immense talent for being in sync (much like N*SYNC), and like you and your loved one, according to the latest findings of science. According to a study conducted by the University of Colorado, you being in sync with your beau is a science in itself.


All the boys in the band, unite in dance. With one hand, palm facing out, falling from the sky to the ground slowly while looking away in deep thought, their other hand clenched into a fist upon thy chest. Feet apart for a beat then back together on cue. Well, that’s what our hearts do, with the person we love.

Isn’t that wild? Isn’t that cute? Or does that make you want to vomit a little?

A new study showed couples synced physiologically to some degree just sitting together. During this study, the woman was subjected to pain, and don’t worry everyone it was a controlled environment, it’s not like they made her relive the moment Zayn left 1D repeatedly. When the pain was administered and the guy couldn’t touch her, that synchronisation was severed. To use a real-world example, exactly the same phenomena occurred when Justin Timberlake left N*SYNC. When the subject was allowed to hold her hand, their heart rates fell into sync again and her pain dissipates.

Those who performed the study are calling it ‘interpersonal synchronisation’

*Cough* N*sync.

In this touching bit of scientific research, this unchartered territory is proving very interesting. You often hear those loved up annoying couples, (apologies but I am referring to myself here) say that they feel like they have morphed into their person, they laugh the same, dress the same, have the same bowel irritations, and they text each other at the exact same time, unprompted. Is this true love or just real science? Either way, we can agree on one thing. Justin Timberlake was right all along, he was right for leaving N*SYNC, and he was right when he sang:

‘Cause it’s like you’re my mirror,
My mirror staring back at me.

Which by some logic makes me a scientist, for playing that song when I signed my marriage papers when I eloped in Bali earlier this year.