Maz wrote a book,
you should read it. 

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What the media are saying ...

UnEdited is your glimpse into life behind the mic, in front of the camera and off the record.




'UnEdited is hilarious
and heartfelt.'

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a radio show or red carpet host? Thanks to Maz Compton, you don’t have to wonder anymore. In her first book, Maz candidly recalls some of her favourite moments both behind the mic and when the microphones were off.

Maz has spent over a decade meeting your favourite celebrities and talking to famous people, Unedited is a collection of some of those moments that shaped her character and career and sometimes left her thinking, what even is my life right now?

UnEdited is a fly on the wall account of life just outside the spotlight, because the spotlight is always on the famous people, Maz was usually standing just to one side. In her book, Maz shares with you;


·      Who she accidentally kissed (on the neck)? 

·      What Zac Efron’s hands feel like?

·      Why Reece Witherspoon wouldn’t talk to her?

·      And how she found out she’d lost her dream job?


Maz Compton dreamt of being a fixture in the Australian media landscape, with zero experience, a relentless work ethic and sheer grit she landed her first dream job on MTV. From there it was a rock stars, red carpets, hilarity and heartbreak.

From hanging with Channing (Tatum), to being in the same room as Oprah (it was a stadium), to being evacuated from Mexico, (almost) attacked by a wild cow and what it was like to meet her (second) favourite celebrity of all time, Maz divulges story after story of life behind the mic, in front of the camera and way beyond her wildest dreams. Whilst playing her part in the charade of the glamorous life, Maz has learned some valuable lessons and hard truths, she peppers this wisdom throughout her recollection of a career carved out of courage and a life lived out loud.